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How to Dress Like You Were in the 1960's

Have you seen those fashion icons that bring back a time period, an... Now you, yes you, can be that fashion icon and make the 60's back in style.


  1. Hair. In the 1960's, hair was usually curly, bouncy, and definitely "volumized". Curlers are the best way to curl your hair. If you use a curling iron, you will for sure dry out your hair. When your hair is very curly, think about what hairstyle you want to do. Some hairstyles you should take into consideration is the halfback. The halfback is when the top of your hair is in a ponytail, and the rest is just down. That hairstyle was very popular in the 1960's. Otherwise, you should keep it down. For the extra volume.. put your head, face down, and let all your hair come down to. Now flip it back up, that should give you some great volume. After that, if you like your curls, spray a little bit of hairspray, but not too much.
  2. Makeup. Before buying a red lipstick, go to your stylist, and ask him/her what color matches your complexion. Next, use a very light amount of eyeliner and mascara. Make sure your mascara is not clumpy, and your eyeliner isn't dull. If you do use foundation, use a powder foundation, those were very popular in the 60's, and it prevents your skin from turning shiny. If you look at the picture below, you will see that she is not wearing any eyeshadow. And what time period does that look to be? Probably the mid 60's. Do you get the point?
  3. Clothes. Clothes, in the sixties are very popular now. The most popular piece of clothing from the 1960's are those heavy jackets. You can buy them at Macys or Sears at a very reasonable price. When buying those type of jackets, look for solid colors. Stay away from very unusual patterns, because you should wear a patterned pencil skirt with those jackets. The only exception is, if you have a plain black pencil skirt, you are able to match it with those heave button down jackets, with a black and white pattern. Otherwise, solids would be better. There is also one fabric that almost every women had in the sixties.. leather. Leather purses, patted leather heels, leather jackets, leather was popular in the late sixties.
  4. Shoes. Have you seen those 2-3 inch patted leather heels? Those would be p....
  5. Jewelry. Pearls, in the 60's, were oh so fine. There is pearl earrings, pearl necklaces, even pearl bracelets. Pearls would make your outfit exceptionally nice.


  • When you put curlers on, read the directions, there is usually some great tips for curls.
  • Before putting jeans, ask yourself, "Would Jane Fonda wear jeans in the 1960's?"
  • Look up famous people from the 60's and see their style. People such as Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull and Twiggy.
  • Don't go over the top! Add a modern touch to your outfit.
  • Listen to music from the 60's. Listen to the Beatles, Rolling Stone....
  • Read about the 60's. Do a Google or WikiPedia search and find out it. Know your history!
  • Mick & Keith is a must-read. It's about Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. Read about what the days were back then. It will inspire you like never before.


  • Avoid too much eyeshadow, that will make your outfit look like a joke.

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