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In the fashion world, bohemian, or boho, refers to a a state of mind regarding fashion that is individual…

In the fashion world, bohemian, or boho, refers to a a state of mind regarding fashion that is individual, romantic, and free-spirited. This style is often called hippie-chic, or even hobo-chic. Several women who have had an influence on bohemian style in recent years are Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. Follow this guide to acheive personalized bohemian style!


  1. Study fashion-forward icons. They don't necessarily have to be bohemian embracers, but more than likely, any woman who is considered a fashion icon did not get there by following the pack. Even someone with a more refined and lady-like style such as Audrey Hepburn followed her own tastes and no one else's- this is essentially a bohemian outlook on style. Devour fashion magazines, and try and find what sets the girls who are considered fashionable apart from people you see everyday. Start to develop your own way of looking at fashion.
  2. Do as you like. Boho-chic doesn't just mean flowy peasant skirts and flip flops, and messenger bags. An important aspect of bohemian style is individuality; this means embracing your own personality and expressing it through your fashion choices. You may not know anyone who actually wears feathery layered skirts, but if you love to, then that's all that matters. Bohemian style may be described as a trend with certain looks to follow, but it's really all about following your own inspirations.
  3. Mix it up. Learn how to pair pieces of your wardrobe together. Women often match everything together perfectly, but if you pay attention to fashion greats such as Kate Moss, Chloe Sevigny, Mischa Barton, Sienna Miller, The Olsens, and other icons, you can see that by using your imagination, so much more life can be added to your wardrobe. Do you have a frilly white shift dress you love? Try pairing it with a brown shawl and olive flats, or a red trench coat, black tights, and a vintage turquoise belt. The possibilites are truly endless.
  4. Accessorize. In the world of boho-chic, extreme attention is paid t...
    • An ordinary woman, with little taste in fashion (besides prefering modern trends), might take a white oxford blouse and pair it with the obvious black pencil skirt, black patent pumps, and, if she's really daring, a red leather handbag. This is a great and classic--However:
    • A woman with a bohemian attitude would arrive at the same classic look by wearing the same blouse underneath a black 1920s style shift dress, adding black tights and ankle boots, and a hair accessory such as a red knit beret or a clustered clip of gemstones; and as far as the handbag goes, the possibilities are endless.


  • Have fun. If you are following the beat of your own drum (fashion-wise), it is almost certain that some mistakes will be made; that is, unless you stick to basically the same thing all the time, which completely contradicts the bohemian state of mind. But fashion in general is about experimenting and finding out who you are and what you like. So experiment! Where's the fun in fashion if you don't allow yourself to take risks?


  • Although it is important to branch out when it comes to pairing items together, be careful. There is a difference between putting together a wonderful outfit and putting together a fashion disaster. It's the thin line that puts some fashion-forward thinkers onto the best dressed list, and others into the What Were They Thinking? category.

Things You'll Need

  • An individual sense of style and personality to tap into
  • Access to thrift shops and flea markets
  • A ability to be fearless when it comes to experimenting
  • Copies of magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Elle for guidance (until you can get onto your own feet).
  • A good dose of bravery (if don't live in an area where personal style is embraced).

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